Film/ TV



Out of Darkness                 Guest Star                          CBS
The Jinx                                Guest Star                          HBO    
The Killer Speaks                Guest Star                          A&E
Deadline Crime                  Guest Star                           ID


Happy in Line                      Lead                                     Ritch Shydner

Who's Flying Kite?               Lead                                     Kenton Nix

The Dove and the Devil     Lead                                     Wilhelm Scholz

Sentinel                                 Lead                                    Jay Parikh  

The Dolls House                  Supporting                         Michael Justin Lee                               James White                         Featured                             Josh Mond                                   Death in Love                       Day Player                         Boaz  Yakin



Archipelago                           Linda                                   Six Figures Theatre, New York
Sines                                       Vocalist                               Bohemian National Hall, New York
V-Zone                                    Matilda                               New Performance Series, Chicago
Graffiti Theatre                     Lydia                                    Zeitgeist Theatre, New Orleans             

RAT Theatre                           Margaret                            Tenderloin Opera Company            

Training & Workshops

Acting for Stage                      Robert Patterson                The Patterson Conservatory, NY

Acting for Camera                  Jeffrey Zeiner                       Zeiner Studios, NY

Meisner & Improvisation      Trish Hawkins                      Private and Group class, NY, NY

Voice Training                         Meredith Monk                    NY Monk Studios

Musical Theatre                      Phil Hall                                The Voice Studio, NY, NY

Physical Theatre                    Eugenio Barba                     Odin Theatre, Europe

Martial Arts                             Kevin Richardson                 Naturally Intense, NYC

BA in Theatre                         University of Iowa



Martial Arts: 

Tae Kwon Do, Kum Do, Ninjitsu, Hapkido



Self- Defense, Swords, Knives, Combat Fighting


Dance: Ballroom, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop


Music: Vocalist- Alto, Electric Guitar, Piano


Accents: British, Russian, Southern, Irish


Other:  Juggling, Yoga, Body-Building, Biking






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